keep your brand consistent

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Decide on a color palette for your brand, and apply that to all of your social channels. Know what your brand is about, and turn those into keywords for content creation. Establish proper branding with a trusted designer to ensure your assets translate. Be prudent with the things you post.

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Anatomy of Perfect Homepage

The Anatomy of the Perfect Homepage

Perception is what makes brands happen. We don’t just mean visibility here, either. The way in which the world perceives things– from sheer aesthetics, to the way in which your present information (and in what order), is where all the magic is. Many seasoned professionals believe that your brand’s website

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Understanding Logo Formats

Logos are an incredibly important extension of a brand’s identity. As such, you’re likely to see them used in a wide range of different applications. From tiny business cards, to huge signs on the sides of buildings, the possibilities are near-endless. Because of the sheer number of different use cases,

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How To Choose Fonts That Reflect Your Brand Style

Brands are under constant pressure to make an impression. Every aesthetic choice you make says something about your brand, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Small decisions like font choice add up to a much bigger picture, so it’s worth exploring the way in which these

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This is a new blog test sample

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