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For our Standard Package, at $995/ month flat, you get 1 dedicated designer and 1 dedicated account manager to work on your design projects. You get unlimited revisions on your projects, though the projects will be queued one item at a time. The designer will be working on Asia timezone (Singapore/ Philippines).

Yes, you definitely can through our custom design team engagement. For agencies or businesses with heavy design requirements. It’s best to talk to our account manager by booking an appointment through this form.

On that appointment, we will determine your top design needs, production objectives, and client deliverables. This offer is open to businesses of all sizes.

For the standard package, your projects will be queued on a ticketing system, with unlimited revisions per project, but the projects will be produced one at a time. Once a project is done and finalized, you can immediately request another one.

For the dedicated designers and custom teams, it’s a case-to-case basis depending on the capacity of your team members and project manager/s.

Our customer support is open from 10AM to 7PM Philippine/ Singapore Timezone, and 9AM TO 5PM US Pacific Timezone.

There are no limits to project revisions; however, remember that projects will be worked on one at a time, so a project needs to be final/ approved and the ticket needs to be closed before starting a new one. The only time you can get simultaneous project deployment is when you’re hiring a custom enterprise team with at least two full time designers and one dedicated project manager.

Intellectual property protection, confidentiality clauses, and NDAs are part of all of our contracts, from the standard ($995) package to all sorts of custom enterprise packages. We have two legal teams on board -- one for US side, and one for Philippine side.

This is easy! You can just message your assigned account manager to discontinue the engagement and we will process it right away. There are no pro-rated billings or refunds for all clients though, so the end-date of the engagement will be the last paid date according to your contract.

For our Standard Package clients, we bill monthly, and for our dedicated designer and our custom enterprise clients, we bill biweekly (every 15th and 30th of the month).


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