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Custom Solutions for Businesses
and Teams of All Sizes

All prices include our widely acclaimed team of graphic designers, video editors, experience designers, and professionally certified project managers. From onboarding to swift file turnovers, every client is a VIP at Fix Creative.

$995 / month
  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Unlimited Video Edits
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Multiple Brands
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1-3 Day Turnaround
  • Layered Source Files
  • Stock Assets Provided
  • 1 Project at a time
  • 2 Designs & 1 Video Project at a time
  • Explainer Video

All Plan Includes

We know you’re the kind to love all sorts of premium. Here are a few of our well-loved plan add-ons:

Your Top Professional Designers and Video Editors

Your team is made up of a Project Manager and Designers with a range of different specialties– all for your varied needs.

We’ll work with your brand’s guidelines to ensure that our work is aligned with your company’s vision and ultimate goals.

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Unlimited Revisions

We don’t stop until you’re happy with our work. Your time is important to us, so we make sure each revision is delivered on the same day, or close to it.

Custom Illustrations

Get custom illustrations of all levels of complexity done for you! Say goodbye to common templates or stock photos that you, your neighbor, and your competitor are all using. Get that bespoke feel for your graphics. From doodles to app designs, to full-color storyboards, we got you.

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All Plans Include

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Enjoy premium design services, as often as you need! One fixed price gets you a managed studio full of skilled creatives, and ZERO surprises. Say goodbye to flaky freelancers or clunky, expensive agencies.

Video Editing

Graphic Design

No Long Term


Got more questions?

Relax. The Fixer has your back.

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For our Standard Package, at $995/ month flat, you get 1 dedicated designer and 1 dedicated account manager to work on your design projects. You get unlimited revisions on your projects, though the projects will be queued one item at a time. The designer will be working on Asia timezone (Singapore/ Philippines).

For the standard package, your projects will be queued on a ticketing system, with unlimited revisions per project, but the projects will be produced one at a time. Once a project is done and finalized, you can immediately request another one.

Our customer support is open from 10AM to 7PM Philippine/ Singapore Timezone, and 9AM TO 5PM US Pacific Timezone.

There are no limits to project revisions; however, remember that projects will be worked on one at a time, so a project needs to be final/ approved and the ticket needs to be closed before starting a new one. The only time you can get simultaneous project deployment is when you’re hiring a custom enterprise team with at least two full time designers and one dedicated project manager.

This is easy! You can just message your assigned account manager to discontinue the engagement and we will process it right away. There are no pro-rated billings or refunds for all clients though, so the end-date of the engagement will be the last paid date according to your contract.

For our Standard Package clients, we bill monthly, and for our dedicated designer and our custom enterprise clients, we bill biweekly (every 15th and 30th of the month).


We’re always ahead of the curve in terms of what’s new in design.

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