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The Fix Creative Studio is a home for different walks of creative life. Shot and filmed over hundreds of photos, video, and branding shoots in this quaint space...all done with love and dedication from our team + our clients from all over the world.

Nestled inside an urban pocket in Quezon city, a stone’s throw away from SM North Edsa is our studio space with a conference/prep room, a shoot and kitchen area, and desks for onsite editing.

Built with a Sink, Stove Oven and an industrial exhaust specifically designed for filming food

Hero Shots

Make every shot stand out! We have a wide selection of styling possibilities to bring extra spice to your culinary adventures. If you have a dish in mind, we have the perfect little backdrop for it!

Walls & Studio Backdrops

Looking to frame your shot in extra creative ways? Our entire studio is a cozy slice of home to us, and every corner adds a whisper of rustic love to your shoot. We’ll be sure to find a background and colored surfaces that bring the best out of your footages.

Shoot Setup - Behind the Scenes

Get up close and personal! A neat flat lay is perfect for pristine plating, giving the world an unobstructed view of the tantalizing piece of culinary gold you have on your plate. Yep, nice and steady!


We have a full professional lighting setup, allowing us to show your dishes in the best possible light. Studio lights, LED Panels, C-Stand, Light Stands, Light Modifiers, Gel Diffusers, White Shoot Through Umbrellas.

Cookware & Kitchen Utensils

If you’ve got the taste, we’ve got the tools! And boy, do we have the tools. Cabinets full of pots, pants, and the whole shebang, ready when and where you need them. This also means we could probably make anything you need with what we have on hand.

Kitchen Appliances

We don’t just do food prep. We go the full way, and actually cook your recipes ourselves! Thanks to our wide selection of kitchen appliances, we can take on practically any dish you’d need us to.

Styling Materials

Everyone loves a little character! We’ve got a whole assortment of knick-knacks and curios that’ll add some pizzazz to every single shot.

Our Services

Food & Product Photography

Food & Product Videography

Food &
Product Styling

Prop Styling

Branding &
Merchandise Design

Complete Ad

Filmed in The Studio

Here are the rates for
studio rentals:

Inclusions & Notes:

  • Kitchen Area 
  • Shoot Area
  • Kitchen Filming Area (with Stove, Sink, Oven, Fridge)
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Free: Use of Studio Light Set, LED Panels & Light Modifiers
  • Free: Use of Kitchenware Set.

₱1350 / Hour

minimum of 4 hours

Inclusions & Notes:

  • Kitchen Area 
  • Shoot Area 
  • Kitchen Filming Area (with Stove, Sink, Oven, Fridge) 
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Free: Use of Studio Light Set consisting of 2 Strobes, Selected Light Modifiers, Trigger and Receiver upon request.
  • Free: Use of Kitchenware Set.

₱1350 / Hour

Our Prop Library consists of kitchen tools, serving items, pots and pans, silverware. Number of items 
  • 10 items – Php4000
  • 15 items – Php 5000
Fix Creatives Studio House Rules
  • Always book ahead. Please schedule at least a week in advance if you’re looking to rent the studio.
  • We require a 50% down payment in order to block off your preferred date and time.
  • Down payments are not refundable, but we can reschedule if you can’t make your session.
  • Cancelling or moving your reservation is subject to respective charges. You will be charged 50% of your booking price if you cancel or move your slot 1 week before the set date.
  • Same day cancellations cost 100% of the booking price.
  • Try to get here on time. Fees still apply on your set reservation date.
    Sessions officially end as soon as the studio is cleaned and vacated.
  • Clients are asked to clean up after themselves, and will be given a one hour window for egress. Working past this window is considered an extension.
    Extensions for your shoot are allowed, but are subject to availability and added charges.
    Our studio is not liable for the loss of any personal belongings or equipment.
  • Please check your things before leaving. Unclaimed items left in the studio will be donated to charity after a month.
  • Fees will apply to any damage done to the studio, and subsequently charged to the person who booked the time. Rates may change without prior notice.
  • Please wear masks and necessary protective equipment at all times.
  • The studio has a maximum capacity of 8 people.
    Due to government health regulations, we are required to monitor entry, and regulate movement in and out of the studio. Make sure that essential staff stay inside as much as possible.
    We have a high-speed internet connection that’s perfect for most data needs.
  • Alcohol and hand sanitizer is available upon request, but we encourage you to provide cleaning and disinfectant supplies for the rest of your team.
  • Food and drinks are allowed inside the studio. Please clean up afterwards.
    Street-level parking is available outside our building.
    The studio has a strict no smoking policy.
    Liquor is prohibited within the premises.
    Dangerous items like flammable substances, firearms or explosives are strictly prohibited.
    We reserve the right to conduct safety checks and refuse admission to our studio.
    Rough play is not allowed in our studio.

We try our best to make sure the studio is a clean, safe working environment for our fellow professionals.

Leave us a message and check availability

Schedule a Shoot

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


  • Street and in-building parking is available, however it needs to be coordinated in advance. 
  • Please send a complete list of items to be brought to the office by filling out this work permit. We require full and accurate disclosure of the project’s details.

Connected to our kitchen area is an additional rentable enclosed work space.

Can be used as a monitor viewing room, conference room, or clients who need extra space to host small workshops or functions.

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